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About Us

Our club is dedicated to the conservation and cleanup of our local ocean ecosystem. We aim to provide community-building experiences that both educate the community and excite them about ocean conservation.


We create projects, cleanups, and other fun activities that will help clean up our ecosystem and help protect it against further damage. By educating our generation about the effects of pollution and climate change on our island home, we are helping to lead the world into a more environmentally sustainable future.


Team for the Betterment of Life Underwater

What We Do

Ocean Cleanups

Our club holds beach cleanups, snorkel trips, and other marine events to help restore our island ecosystem to its natural state. 

Raising Awareness

We lead by example and try to promote ecosystem awareness in our community. We hope to inspire members of all generations to become ocean conservationists and protect our seas.

Building a Community 

By hosting cleanups, fundraisers, and other events, we try to unite our community and inspire members to rally around the critical topic of ecosystem conservation.

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